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In this article, we will be exploring the basics of load balancers and how we can set up a load balancer using HAproxy and Ansible.

What are Load Balancers?

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What is Kubernetes? And why do we need it?

To understand Kubernetes, we need to first look at how the methods of deploying applications have changed over time.

Traditional Deployment

Since the advent of different software and applications, deployment of the software has always been a challenge. Initially, the software and applications were deployed directly on the computer system (or physical servers). Later on, this method did not work out for growing organizations due to clashes in resource allocation for multiple applications deployed on the same system. Increasing expenses to accommodate more resource demands also became a great challenge. …

Through the previous articles, we have looked at some of the basics about Ansible, and written Ansible Playbooks to set up different tools like Docker, and HDFS cluster. In this article, we will look at an important property of Ansible, and how it can be used to write better Plays in the Ansible Playbook.

Ansible’s Nature of Idempotence

Idempotence is originally…

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In the previous article, we looked at some of the basic terms in Ansible. We also set up the Docker Community Edition on RHEL8 and launched a container with a web server configured in it. …

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In today’s world, we cannot do much without being connected to the Internet. It is through the Internet that we can reach out to our loved ones, learn new things, grow businesses, and much more. But the Internet itself was developed as a network of networks, which means that understanding the basics of computer networking is very important, especially if we want to delve into the software and IT industries.

Computer networking includes many important concepts, tools, and algorithms through which are combined to connect two or more computers and enable them to communicate using network packets.

Let’s consider two…

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How do we begin working with Ansible?

Ansible enables us to configure and manage the software installation, updates, and maintenance in multiple systems (target nodes) simultaneously from a single computer called the controller node. We can work with ansible either using the command line (ad-hoc commands) or by using the Ansible Playbooks. …

Before starting to work with Ansible, we need to understand the hows and whys of using Ansible, and more importantly, the need for Automation in the IT industry.

Why do we need Automation?

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Automation has become a very crucial part of our lives in different industries like IT, Manufacturing, etc. and each automation is implemented differently. Irrespective of the industry, automation is adopted for one major goal — to reduce the…

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Machine Learning is a crucial concept that can be applied to a variety of fields like finance (stock market predictions), health information systems, E-commerce (recommendation systems for customers), etc. There are many successful applications of different parts of Machine Learning, and in this article, we will be looking at the Bonaparte Disaster Victim Identification System.

As quoted in the description of the system, “Bonaparte was commissioned in 2007 by the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI) as part of their CBRNe incident readiness program, and has since then been further developed and improved by SNN and its subsidiary SMART Research BV in…

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Cloud computing is one of the many fields I have been reading about during these uncertain days. The fact that industries across the globe are continuing to function despite the lack of a majority of the employees on-site is majorly due to the services provided by many cloud providers. Today, the three main cloud providers are Amazon (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft (Microsoft Azure), and Google (Google Cloud Platform).

Although AWS started as a provider Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), it has since expanded to more than 175 products and services and now is the holder of a large part of…

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The term ‘big data’ has been going around since the early 2000s. It refers to large and complex datasets that cannot be collected, stored, or processed using conventional systems. The name is slightly misleading, as it points only to the aspect of the volume of data being considered. However, technology has changed and grown in both scope and complexity over the last few decades, and two more aspects of data have become prominent — the velocity and variety of data. Together with volume, they comprise the three Vs of big data.

The volume of data is still significant because the…

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