Automation with Ansible — Setting up Hadoop Clusters

This is the third article in the Automation with Ansible series. For the second article, please refer to this link.

In this series, we will be looking at different ways in which Ansible can be used to implement automation in the IT industry

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What is Hadoop?

Setting up the HDFS cluster using Ansible

Figure 1: Directory Structure for all files

Installing Hadoop and supporting JDK

Setting up the Name Node

Setting up the Data Node(s)

Starting the Hadoop Services in all the nodes

Aggregation of all playbooks

# ansible-playbook --syntax-check all_plays.yml
# ansible-playbook -vv all_plays.yml

Checking the Name Node and Data Node(s)

# hadoop dfsadmin -report
Figure 2: Output of the cluster report if all the nodes are configured successfully


In the next article, we will look at Ansible’s nature of Idempotence, and how it affects the way in which we write Ansible Playbooks

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